Every Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter and fan knows this is a sport that is violent and involves great risk, but thankfully using a custom PowerPlus athletic mouth guard will help reduce the G-force from impacts to the head. MMA athletes also benefit from increased stamina and strength from the unique PowerPlus position.

Athletic Mouth Guard - MMA

MMA is wildly popular, growing in fan base around the world and particularly across the United States and Canada. ESPN reported last December that an estimated 3.2 million American children are taking MMA classes now.


Medical professionals have denounced the violence of MMA and decried the risks since the sport first became popular. Given the lawsuits that former National Football League (NFL) players have launched about the long-term effects brain injuries and concussions have had on their lives after their careers, MMA promoters and athletes need to take action now. This recent column explains how the MMA is racing to learn more about brain injuries.

Here is a news piece from HDNet on the challenges of concussions in MMA. The doctor explains that although the sport of MMA is relatively new, they know from boxing that a boxer can hit with a force of 52 G’s. That’s the equivalent of being hit with a 13lb. bowling ball at 20 miles per hour. You can watch the video here.

Evidence shows the problems from high contact sports like MMA arise not just from concussions, but also from smaller sub-concussions that cumulatively post serious harm in the long-term for fighters. The risk of head injury is great in MMA, the full contact fights allowing striking and grappling. Fighters are struck and thrown to the ground, both posing risk from G-force impact.

The unique PowerPlus athletic mouth guard offers a comfortable, patent pending fit that redistributes the G-forces from a blow to the head or other trauma. Wearing a PowerPlus athletic mouth guard also does not impact the ability to breathe, which is obviously an advantage for any fighter engaged in high action hand-to-hand combat during a MMA match. The precision fit to the lower jaw that the unique boil and swallow method also allows makes it possible for fighters to speak clearly without removing the mouth guard.

The PowerPlus mouthguard is fitted so the jaw is at rest, an innovative advancement for mouth guards because this puts the fighter’s jaw in its optimal alignment position – the PowerPlus position. An innovative power wafer insert compensates for deficiencies and helps fit even unusual bites with precision.

Perhaps what differentiates the patent pending PowerPlus athletic mouth guard from other common mouth guards the most is the PowerPlus position. Studies have shown the unique custom fit to improve strength, balance and stamina. That is certainly something every MMA fighter needs during a match.

Make your next MMA match safer and enhance your performance naturally with a PowerPlus athletic mouth guard.