sports mouthguard – basketball

The popularity of varsity and college basketball across the United States has been strong for decades. And no one is prouder than the parents of those hardworking players on the courts. Since the earliest days of basketball, which was invented by Canadian James Naismith when he was attending school in the United States in 1891, the most common injuries for players have been sprains, fractures, bruises and concussions. Now that the game is much more intense with higher speeds than in those early days, players suffer higher rates of injury. Statistically speaking, Americans sustain more than 1.5 million injuries associated with basketball every year and as competition continues to increase athletes search for a competitive edge. Now basketball athletes can have increased safety and a competitive edge by using the revolutionary PowerPlus sports mouthguard for basketball.



Reducing head injury on the court

Wearing a PowerPlus mouth guard reduces the risk of concussion significantly. The well designed custom-fit of a PowerPlus mouth guard is unlike any other – so comfortable and snug due to its unique boil and swallow method of fitting that even the youngest basketball players won’t object to wearing it.

While players appreciate being able to talk and breathe easily while wearing the PowerPlus sports mouth guard, parents are happy to know that should their children get hit or knocked to the ground the PowerPlus mouth guard will redistribute the resulting G-Forces and minimize risk of concussion and dental injuries.

For parents of players, this translates into less worry and fewer medical bills. Rather than having to watch for the symptoms of a bad – and potentially deadly – concussion, try the affordable PowerPlus mouth guard as a preventative measure against serious injury.


A natural performance enhancement

The unique position of the jaw achieved through the use of PowerPlus mouth guard is what we like to call the PowerPlus position. The jaw, at rest, is the optimal position for protection from injury as well as maximum strength, endurance and performance.

The increased confidence of players who wear a PowerPlus mouth guard is an additional benefit. What parent doesn’t enjoy watching a son or daughter feel more confident and exhibit improved strength, balance and agility?

Savvy parents appreciate that players who feel they can do their best naturally won’t be tempted to try performance-enhancing drugs or supplements.

Want to experience what other basketball parents have witnessed? Have your athlete try a PowerPlus sports mouthguard for basketball today.