The unique PowerPlus custom athletic mouthguard has changed hockey, giving players an all-natural competitive edge while reducing the G-force of any impact to the head and providing a comfort fit that allows for clear communication.

Hockey players take hits – hard. Cross checking, hits into the board, tripping – and then there are the fights that break out when things get tense.

From minor hockey leagues to the National Hockey League and everything in between, hockey players have the biggest risk of head injury and concussion arguably among all contact sports athletes.

Athletic Mouth Guard Hockey

A study published in recent years in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) compared injury rates between young players in a league that allowed checking against those of a league that banned it. It found that when checking is allowed players are injured and experience concussions more than three times more often. Larger players were injured less often than kids.


Many hockey experts say that when young players learn to check properly injuries occur less often, but it takes time to learn.

Medical experts maintain the risk of injury is still present with hockey and other contact sports and that, coaches and parents need to ensure that players wear protective gear, including well-fitted athletic mouthguards.

Here’s a video showcasing some of the hits players can take to the head.

Hockey players who wear the PowerPlus custom athletic mouthguard benefit from more than just injury prevention. They report the benefits of the PowerPlus athletic mouthguard are:

  • Its paten pending design is comfortable, from the precision fit outer shell to the interlocking channel mold that gives a one-of-a-kind fit for the lower jaw.
  • The beveled interior wall allows them to speak clearly and breathe without any difficulty. They can talk to their teammates without having to remove the mouth guard.
  • The unique three-step process for fitting a PowerPlus athletic mouthguard is easy. The boil and swallow method achieves a custom fit like no other leading mouth guard.
  • The PowerPlus position gauge makes determining the correct position of the jaw at rest a cinch. It allows each athlete to wear a mouth guard fitted to his or her own unique optimal jaw alignment.
  • Even if a player has an unusual bite, fitting this one of a kind athletic mouthguard is no trouble. The innovative power wafer insert compensates for any deficiencies.
  • Hockey players who wear this athletic mouth guard have an advantage: better performance. The corrective jaw alignment unique to the PowerPlus position improves strength, flexibility and stamina.
  • The PowerPlus model is comfortable, not bulky like other mouth guards on the market.
  • Studies have shown this patent pending athletic mouth guard is effective at redistributing the G-forces caused by a blow to the jaw or head.
  • PowerPlus athletic mouth guards are affordable, offering a custom fit for much less than a mouth guard fitted by a dentist.

In both the United States and Canada, medical professionals report that hockey is behind a significantly large percentage of traumatic brain injuries and concussion among children and youth. Players who know the PowerPlus position improves their strength, flexibility and stamina at the rink will be more likely to consistently wear their athletic mouthguard and receive the protection provided by it’s G-force impact reduction qualities.

Lower the risk of injury and benefit from enhanced performance with a PowerPlus athletic mouth guard the next time you hit the ice.