custom mouth guards

There has been a lot of talk about custom mouth guards. In the past, these expensive pieces of equipment were created in a dentist’s office and worn by professional as well as amateur athletes in hopes that they would provide a competitive edge. Now there is a revolutionary custom mouth guard that not only provides a custom fit but is also economical, allows for easy breathing and communication, disperses the G-force of a hit to the head during play reducing the occurrence of concussions and provides significant and immediate improvements in strength, balance and stamina. These one of a kind custom mouth guards are the PowerPlus mouth guards for sports.

The patent pending custom mouth guard design was created by a dentist with the goal of improving safety, comfort and performance for athletes for an affordable price. Professional studies conducted on the isokinetic muscle function of participants determined that there was a significant improvement in the upper and lower muscle function of people wearing the PowerPlus custom mouth guards compared to no mouth guard and a clenched or relaxed jaw or wearing the common Shock Dr. mouth guards.

Research data is not the only place where positive results are being seen. Both coaches and athletes have found that the affordable custom mouth guards reduce the occurrences of concussions as well as provide instant improved strength, balance, endurance and response time. These benefits give both youth and adult athletes a competitive edge in virtually any sport including basketball, soccer, hockey, baseball, volleyball, running, wrestling, lacrosse, football, MMA, boxing and more. Coaches are calling these custom mouth guards for sports a “must have” and “fantastic discovery”. Former Defensive Coordinator for the ETBU football team, Randy Pippin says the PowerPlus “has sold me for life” and the Head Coach for the Traverse City Wolves Brad Haney says, the PowerPlus is the mouth guard for us from now on.”

See what all the fan fare is about and try one of the patent pending custom mouth guards for the price of a common generic one and in addition to better safety receive the added benefits of comfort and improved athletic performance.