Here’s what Mitchell Juergens said:

“Before the PowerPlus Mouthguard and at the start of my training in Jan I had a 32″ vertical. At Pro day with the mouthguard I jumped 37″ , my highest vertical ever. In the 225lb bench press I could do 14 reps in Jan. On Pro day I benched 19 times with P+.”


testimonials powerplus mouth guards

The results described in the testimonials are the opinions of the individuals who are not employed by or sponsored in any way by Power Plus mouth guard.

“On behalf of the coaching staff and our players, I want to thank you for taking the time to fit our players with your custom mouth guards. Before the season even stated there were inquires about your special mouth pieces. Players explain the mouth guards feel better and they believe they play better football with them.
Once again, as your time is very precious, our players and staff are very thankful for your commitment and the well being of our players in the Benzie Central Football program.”
Sincerely, Steve Cox
Benzie Central Varsity Football Coach

“I was the defensive coordinator at East Texas Baptist University and witnessed with my own eyes the benefits of the Power Plus Mouth guard in the area of concussion prevention…we had 0 concussions my first year on defense when all of our defense was issued Power Plus Mouth guards…the following year I mistakenly did not issue the Power Plus Mouth guards and at the end of the season realized that we had a rash of concussions that had occurred…That happening in addition to witnessing a player not be able to max 365 on a full squat and then after being fitted for a Power Plus Mouth guard 15 minutes later be able to do a full squat with 385 has sold me for life.”
-Randy Pippin, Former Defensive Coordinator for ETBU

“We had the kids use the PowerPlus mouth guard on our team this past season and it was so great. We had our best season since we started the team. The kids loved them and never took them out of their mouths. PowerPlus is the mouth guard for us from now on.”
-Brad Haney
2010 Head Coach, Traverse City Wolves 

“My best lift in the over 60 yr. old bench press competition was 395 lbs.until I was fitted with the PowerPlus mouth guard. The day I had it fitted I lifted 455lbs. I went on to break the world record using the PowerPlus mouth guard at 446 lbs. If you are in competition, the PowerPlus is a must have”.
-Ralph Soffrendine
World Record Holder Power Bench Press Senior Class


Through my athletic career, I would have never thought that anything besides training and consistency would improve the results that follow my work. Power Plus mouth guard changed my views. While training and testing using the power plus mouth guard, I saw an increase in my weight numbers and faster times in my agility numbers.

Antonio M. Penn
Professional Athlete

“The past two season my varsity team wore the PowerPlus. The first season we had our best record in the history of the school and the second year we took 6th in the state. Best of all we had no injuries. This is a fantastic discovery. I was so impressed I did my master thesis on it.”
-Ian Hearns
Traverse City Central High Wrestling Coach

“We had our player fitted with the PowerPlus concept and had our best season in years. We made the Michigan High school playoffs for the first time in 20 years. I’ve never seen a mouth guard as comfortable for the kids and they love them”
-Kelly Clark
Traverse City Central High Football 

“After participating in the direct trials of our own players using the PowerPlus we want this mouth guard in all of our players.”
-Michael Chang
Head Trainer,
Wayne State University