Football players, coaches and parents love the PowerPlus mouth guard.

football mouth guard

Once players switch to a PowerPlus mouth guard and try it during practice and games, they’re sold. Research into how the PowerPlus mouth guard enhances performance and improves safety has helped spread the word about this innovative new design in mouth guard protection, but it’s the testimonials that really catch people’s attention.

When one coach tells another coach you have to try this amazing performance enhancing mouth guard that decreases the g-force of an impact inspiration strikes. When players rave about the comfort and ease of communication on the field, other players want to try it out for themselves. When parents learn about the simple fitting process, its’ pricing and the safety they want it to be their kids football mouth guard.



So what are people saying about this football mouth guard?

It seems that switching to PowerPlus fitted mouth guards has a huge impact on a team. Kelly Clark, coach for Traverse City Central High Football, says: “We had our players fitted with the PowerPlus concept and had our best season in years. We made the Michigan High School playoffs for the first time in 20 years. I’ve never seen a mouth guard as comfortable for the kids and they love them.”

Another coach reports a similarly dramatic improvement. Notice again that the coach makes a point of saying how comfortable the PowerPlus sports mouth guard is and that the children don’t fight wearing a PowerPlus mouthguard.

“We had the kids use the PowerPlus mouth guard on our team this past season and it was so great. We had our best season since we started the team. The kids loved them and never took them out of their mouths. PowerPlus is the mouth guard for us from now on,” says Brad Haney, who served as Head Coach of the Traverse City Wolves football team in 2010.

How has it impacted sports at the college level you may wonder?

Randy Pippin, former defensive coordinator at East Texas Baptist University (ETBU) discusses what he observed when his football players switched to PowerPlus mouth guards.

He says that he, “witnessed with my own eyes the benefits of the Power Plus Mouth guard in the area of concussion prevention…We had 0 concussions my first year on defense when all of our defense was issued Power Plus Mouth guards. The following year I mistakenly did not issue the PowerPlus Mouth guards and at the end of the season realized that we had a rash of concussions that had occurred.”

football mouth guard

Impressive right? That’s not all. Coach Pippin also shares witnessing, “a player not be able to max 365 on a full squat and then after being fitted for a Power Plus Mouth guard 15 minutes later be able to do a full squat with 385 has sold me for life.”

Want an edge on the football field? Try a custom-fitted PowerPlus football mouth guard for better strength, safety, endurance and performance.