PowerPlus offers a drug-free performance enhancement for professional, high school and amateur athletes searching for a safe, natural way to gain a competitive edge.

There is a scientific reason why the PowerPlus protective mouth appliance helps boost athletic performance while it also improves overall safety during sports or competitions.

What Happens when Athletes Wear a PowerPlus Mouth Guard

The PowerPlus mouth guard is different from others on the market because of how the jaw is positioned when the device is properly fitted. Following our easy boil and swallow method to get a close custom fit, the jaw will be in its physiologic rest position. This is what we refer to as the PowerPlus position and it is such an important feature the design is patent pending.

Dr. Michael Hutchison the inventor of the PowerPlus mouth guard has submitted it to a series of rigorous studies. All of which have indicated that when you undertake physical exercise and your jaw is in the PowerPlus position it provides you with maximum:

  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Performance
  • Protection

Don’t worry if you have an unusual bite because the unique position gauge measures each person’s bite position and will determine if the power wafer insert is required to achieve optimal positioning of the jaw, creating a customized fit.

Proven Results

A careful scientific study of mouth guards showed that using the PowerPlus mouth guard improves isokinetic strength in flexion, both for the upper and lower body. When researchers evaluated Peak Torque/BodyWeight (PT/BW), Max Repetition Work (MRW), Total Work (TW), and Average Power (AP), they found that the PowerPlus advantage was significant: Elbow flexion improvements included a 10.5% increase in PT/BW, 9.8% in TW and 11.2% in AP. Knee flexion showed improvements of 16.8% and 16% for TW over the relaxed and clenched positions.

Results show that PowerPlus mouth guards and the one-of-a-kind PowerPlus position of the jaw:

Not only does the optimal maxilla-mandibular spacing improve strength, it increases response time and balance and reduces the G-force impact to the jaw and head that is believed to be a leading cause of not only dental injury but concussion. Additionally, the unique design of the PowerPlus mouth guard gives athletes unobstructed breathing and the ability to communicate clearly without compromising protection.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for it

We love getting feedback about our mouth guards from coaches, trainers and athletes who use our product.

The first year Randy Pippin, the former Defensive Coordinator for East Texas Baptist University (ETBU), used PowerPlus mouth guards on his players he was impressed not only by concussion prevention but also by strength improvements. He says that when he witnessed, “a player not be able to max 365 on a full squat and then after being fitted for a PowerPlus mouth guard 15 minutes later be able to do a full squat with 385 has sold me for life.”

Ralph Soffrendine, the World Record Holder Power Bench Press, Senior Class, was likewise impressed: “My best lift in the over 60 yr. old bench press competition was 395 lbs. until I was fitted with the PowerPlus mouth guard. The day I had it fitted I lifted 455lbs. I went on to break the world record using the PowerPlus mouth guard at 446 lbs. If you are in competition, the PowerPlus is a must have.”

What’s fascinating with PowerPlus is how it offers immediate and impressive results for all types of athletes, wowing sports professionals in many different sports. Traverse City Central High Wrestling Coach used PowerPlus mouth guards for his varsity team and was so impressed by results he did his Master’s thesis on this patented combination design.

“The first season we had our best record in the history of the school and the second year we took 6th in the state. Best of all we had no injuries. This is a fantastic discovery.”

No other mouth guard offers the advantages of PowerPlus. Try PowerPlus and see the difference in comfort, safety and performance before your competitors do.