Athletes for many sports are required or advised to use mouth guards for safety. Using a mouth guard protects athletes against dental injuries and some properly fitted mouth guards can act as a shock absorber by minimizing the g-force if there is a blow to the head.

While people often associate mouth guards with contact sports like football, rugby or mixed martial arts, they are also worn during soccer, skateboarding and other athletic activities.

There are four types of mouth guards

Stock Mouth Guards

These typical mouth guards are available at department stores and sporting goods stores or over the Internet, standard or “stock” mouth guards are the least expensive option. They come as-is and ready for use with no option to adjust the guard for a better fit (a one-size-fits-all concept) for the upper jaw. Dentists do not typically recommend stock mouth guards and athletes usually complain that they are awkward and uncomfortable as they make breathing difficult.

Boll-and-Bite Mouth Guards

These mouth guards are also bought at sports stores or over the Internet. They fit better than the one-size-fits-all stock mouth guards because you boil the thermoplastic protector briefly and then bite it. As it cools you shape it to your mouth and teeth. While not as bulky as the stock mouth guards, the boil-and-bite mouth guards are heavier than custom fit and can feel awkward particularly for young athletes.

Stock Mouth Guards

These are created from an impression of your mouth and teeth taken in your dentist’s office. You must make an appointment with your dentist so he/she can assess the requirements of your jaw and bite, in some cases making a mouth guard for the lower jaw as well as to cover your upper teeth. The mouth guard is then manufactured in a professional lab on the instructions of the dentist and should fit closely and be relatively comfortable. This is the most expensive option.

Boll-and-Bite Mouth Guards

In sixty years mouth guards have not improved in technology until now with the PowerPlus Mouthguard. This revolutionary mouth guard was designed and tested by a dentist seeking to provide athletes with greater protection and performance. The PowerPlus mouth guard offers an innovative patent pending design that helps individuals determine their unique jaw position so that when the mouth guard is installed properly the jaw joint is in the optimal (PowerPlus) position.

When you fit the PowerPlus mouth guard, your jaw joint will be positioned to increase strength and decrease the G-Force of impact-related head injuries. This offers all the benefits of a custom fit with the PowerPlus position providing scientifically proven maximum strength, endurance, performance and protection. All at a very reasonable price.

Another advantage of the PowerPlus mouthguard is that it will fit snugly and still let you breathe and speak easily. This is a dramatic improvement over other cumbersome mouth guards that make you want to chew on the guard or remove it frequently for relief.

The PowerPlus system enables athletes to measure the jaw position for a custom fit unlike any other and is less expensive than a mouth guard custom fitted in a dentist’s office. To find out more about the proven research behind this remarkable, one of a kind mouth guard check out some of the research data, or just order a PowerPlus Mouthguard now and decide for yourself.