Sports Mouth Guard Volleyball

At PowerPlus we love sports and care about the safety and performance of our athletes, which is why we are dedicated to improving the athletic experience for sports enthusiasts everywhere – regardless of if you are an amateur just learning the rules of the game or a pro. We do this by providing comfortable, affordable, mouth guards for sports that studies have shown improve safety and athletic performance. These one of a kind sports mouth guards are revolutionizing the athletic experience for players around the world. One of the most basic, yet critical functions of a mouth guard is to protect the player from maxillofacial and dental trauma.


Maxillofacial and dental trauma is damage to the face and mouth. Unfortunately some of our favorite contact and non-contact sports can result in blows to the head during normal play that result in serious injuries to the face and mouth. Some of the first sports that come to mind when we think about injuries are high contact sports including hockey, lacrosse, MMA, boxing and football. However low-contact sports like snow and waterskiing, snowboarding, wake boarding, volleyball, soccer, basketball, baseball, gymnastics and myriad of other athletic enthusiasts are also at risk.

Maxillofacial injuries in particular are challenging to overcome and may result in deformity, disability or even death. Quick treatment and proper care can significantly improve the outcome but it is far better to avoid these injuries in the first place.

Researchers and medical professionals agree that mouth guards are critical in reducing the chances of suffering a serious maxillofacial or dental trauma and strongly recommend that they be required by athletic associations and encouraged by sports authorities as well as dentists. One of the biggest challenges for athletes is that they can be very uncomfortable. When 153 Rugby football teams and 17 American football teams in Japan were surveyed almost all teams that used mouth guards were unsatisfied with their commercially available mouth guards, sighting discomfort, easy dislocation and speaking difficulties. Unfortunately, this sentiment is shared among athletes around the world.

One of the primary benefits of the PowerPlus Mouthguard is that its comfort fit using its patent pending fitting method allows for unobstructed breathing and clear communication. Traverse City Central High football coach says, “I’ve never seen a mouth guard as comfortable for the kids and they love them.”

If you’re looking for extraordinary mouth guards that do more than just protect athletes but do it comfortably, and provide optimal athletic performance all at a great value try the revolutionary PowerPlus Mouthguard.