More high school athletes means the number of maxillofacial injuries to the face and jaw as well as concussions is on the rise. According to Coaching Today participation in high school sports has been on a steady increase since 1989. This is good news for a nation that is also battling obesity and the cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other health complications that come with it. It also brings to our attention a growing safety issue. The American Dental Association reports that 10-20% of all sports injuries are maxillofacial injuries. Many of these injuries could be prevented with a mouthguard.

Wearing a mouthguard has been proven to reduce the likelihood of damage to the teeth by 600% which is why athletes in high impact sports like hockey, lacrosse and football are required to wear them. Unfortunately, wearing a traditional mouthguard also has it’s drawbacks including communicating. Fortunately, the patented PowerPlus mouthguard resolves this issue.

Unlike the stock, boil and bite or custom made mouthguards the PowerPlus is able to provide a custom fit but without all of the expensive and time consuming visits to the dentist’s office. The unique customized fitting process provides a fit on the lower teeth that offers unobstructed breathing and enables you to communicate clearly. Athletes no longer have to spit out their mouthguard during the game in order to speak.

In addition to maxillofacial injuries, concussions are also on the rise. Concussions are particularly dangerous because when sever they can cause permanent brain damage and even death, especially when an athlete has more than one. They can also be particularly difficult for parents and coaches to evaluate and are easily disregarded. The PowerPlus mouthguard makes concussion prevention easier than ever. It has the unique quality of dispersing the G-force of an impact to the head by placing the jaw in the optimal position. In a study with 868 subjects using the PowerPlus mouthguards only 3 have had a concussion in the past 9 years. This is far below the national average of 5-10% of athletes that experience a concussion in any given sport season.


As an added benefit studies have also shown that the same PowerPlus optimal position that reduces the G-force of an impact to the head also provides significant and immediate increased strength, balance and response time for athletes. A great way to help an athlete perform their best, naturally while providing an incentive to prevent injury.

Dental protection, reduced G-force to the head, comfortable fit that allows clear communication and improved balance, strength and speed put the PowerPlus mouthguard in a category of it’s own. Try the patented PowerPlus mouthguard today and see the difference for yourself.