For competitive athletes, a few millimeters can make all the difference. From making a touchdown to scoring on net to pinning a fierce opponent in a wrestling match, every extra bit of strength might be enough to tip the scales and bring the win.

Switching your mouth guard to a PowerPlus mouth guard might make the difference between defeat and victory.

This innovative protective mouth appliance fits snugly into the lower jaw, a custom fit unlike any other that is achieved using the unique bite and swallow fitting process to ensure that the device is fitted at the ideal bite position. This optimal maxilla-mandibular spacing is when your jaw is relaxed and at rest – what we refer to as the PowerPlus position. This important difference between PowerPlus mouth guards and other brands is what helps improve strength.

Small Difference, Huge Gain

What the dental and medical professionals who designed the PowerPlus mouth guard realized is that when the jaw is at rest athletes experience maximum neuromuscular response, which enhances performance.

A leading university conducted a scientific study for PowerPlus using rigorous methodology and the results show that using a PowerPlus mouth guard increased strength flexion in both the upper and lower body and improved response time and balance. The researchers agreed the improvements were statistically significant that common mouth guards could not achieve the same results.

Other advantages of the PowerPlus position include the ability to communicate more freely and also to breathe with less difficulty. The optimal position achieved with this mouth guard helps with alignment, which in turn improves breathing. Unobstructed breathing is an important consideration because studies have shown that oxygen deficiency adversely impacts endurance and performance.

Scientifically and Anecdotally

The science proves that athletes participating in contact and collision sports perform better when using a PowerPlus mouth guard. People who have switched to PowerPlus rave that it has not only improved safety by preventing concussions but it has improved their results.

Whether it is wrestling, weight lifting, football or another sport, the athletes do better and suffer fewer injuries when they choose a PowerPlus mouth guard for protection.

Improve your strength by switching to the patent pending PowerPlus mouth guard.