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Role of mouthguards in reducing mild traumatic brain injury/concussion incidence in high school football athletes

Mouth Guard Study: Acute Effects of Dental Appliances on Upper and Lower Isokinetic Muscle Function

The current study revealed that the physiologic rest position of the mandible might have an effect (on Balance) on CBF (measured by MFV) by decreasing the intravascular resistance (measured by PI) and slightly enhancing the CBF measured by cerebral blood velocity on TCD.

Video analysis of head blows leading to concussion in competition Taekwondo

To reduce or prevent head injury, coaches and athletes need to develop appropriate/practical blocking skills as well as evasive movements. Also, coaches should advise competitors to protect the head region against a possible head blow, particularly when competitors are in a clinched sparring position.  It was observed that the predominant site of head impact was the temporal region. Similar results on the frequency of site of impact were found in rugby and Australian Rules Football [12].