Soccer – famous worldwide – has grown dramatically more popular in recent years.

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While it may not have the bone-crunching regularity of hits of the National Football League nor the jarring checks of the National Hockey League, professional soccer is not about the contact. It’s about amazing teamwork, agile players with incredible endurance, amazing footwork and powerful kicks.


Small wonder, then, that the kind of injuries suffered on the soccer field can be severe, with sprains, strains and concussions among the most common among all levels of play.

For recreational and varsity soccer, the right equipment to prevent injuries obviously isn’t as extensive as the padding required for football and hockey players. But the right mouth guard will help to offset the damage that can occur when players sustain a hit to the head.

It is for this reason that even more than my favorite soccer cleats I consider my PowerPlus mouth guard to be my most vital piece of equipment. When I am on the field – and I’m no Wayne Rooney or Steven Gerrard – I’ve taken my fair share of knocks to the noggin for any number of reasons. It’s just a fact of playing the beautiful game: Sometimes you see stars.

I would hazard to guess this is even more common for those of us without the skill and ability of the pro players. I certainly think even children should wear a PowerPlus mouth guard now that I have one.

Although, I’m a fan of doing what I can to protect my cranium I have to admit it’s not my only motivation to wear a PowerPlus sports mouth guard, in fact far from it. The PowerPlus is the only sports mouth guard with the patent pending PowerPlus position. Studies have proved the PowerPlus position to enable athletes to perform better with more strength and endurance. Giving me the extra edge on the field.

The PowerPlus mouth guard is comfortable and easy to fit. When I wear it I can talk without removing it and even better I can breathe easily while I run. It’s not distracting and cumbersome like other custom-fit mouth guards.

I like the way it feels. The boil and swallow method of fitting my mouth guard was a cinch and the fit is unlike that of any other sports mouth guard I have owned. It feels secure, comfortable and made just for me.

Now when I get a blow to the head or take a bad fall on the soccer pitch, my PowerPlus mouth guard redistributes the G-Forces so that my brain doesn’t take the brunt of the hit. I feel better and more confident playing knowing that my risk of head injury and concussion is minimized because I have chosen to use a PowerPlus custom mouth guard and I love the fact that the PowerPlus sports mouth guard enables me to be at my very best on the field.

Since soccer is the world’s most popular sport and the fastest growing team sport in the United States of America, I think knowing what equipment to choose to reduce your risk of injury is key for parents, kids and older players.


Want to reduce the impact of a blow to the head and improve your athletic performance? Check out thePowerPlus sports mouth guard you’ll be glad you did.