While experts and parents agree that kids should wear a sports mouth guard on the field or at the rink, it’s sometimes tricky to get youth to keep even custom mouth guards on while they play sports.

Sports Mouth Guard Youth

An innovative new mouth guard patented for its unique design is much more comfortable, offering a custom fit for even the most unusual bite. The PowerPlus mouth guard is affordable and easy to fit, which is a bonus for parents because anyone who has struggled to fit a boil and bit sports mouth guard on a child knows it isn’t easy to get a decent end result.


Best of all, youth and teens like how the PowerPlus mouth guard fits and feels, which encourages them to wear it at all times during sports. The coach of the Traverse City Wolves said the youth on his team loved their PowerPlus mouth guards and didn’t take them out.

The precision fitting of a PowerPlus mouth guard is just part of the incentive to wear one. The PowerPlus mouth guard uses the correct position of the jaw at rest – each athlete’s optimal jaw alignment we call the PowerPlus position.

  • It is comfortable on the lower jaw and the beveled interior wall lets them speak clearly and breathe without any difficulty.
  • It doesn’t feel bulky like other leading brand sports mouth guards.
  • Unlike other common mouth guards, the PowerPlus position improves performance. Research shows wearing a PowerPlus mouth guard improves strength, flexibility and stamina because of the corrective jaw alignment. This extra edge also give athletes additional incentive to wear their sports mouth guard.

Parents tell us they like PowerPlus custom sports mouthguards because:

  • They are reasonably priced.
  • There are just three easy steps to properly fit a PowerPlus sport mouth guard using the fail-safe unique boil and swallow method.
  • Knowing a mouth guard helps reduce the risk of concussion and injury is one thing, knowing your child will actually wear a mouth guard to improve safety while playing sports is another. Parents are confident their children will wear PowerPlus mouth guards, not take them off at every opportunity.

The most common injuries suffered by young athletes in contact sports like hockey, football, rugby or Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) are dental injuries to the teeth or soft tissues of the mouth and concussions. This is a real concern for growing young bodies.

Concussions and the long-lasting impact of repeated head injuries have made the news for several sports, including the National Hockey League, National Football League, Boxing and Ultimate Fight Championships.

According to the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, hockey players run the risk of 6.5 concussions per 1,000 player-games. A separate study by Johns Hopkins University conducted a study into MMA and found the risk for that sport to be much higher at about 15.4 per 1,000 matches.

Repeated or significant concussions can end the careers of aspiring, amateur and professional athletes. Wearing a PowerPlus sports mouth guard redistributes the damage-causing G-forces caused by a blow to the jaw or the head. Youth who wear PowerPlus mouth guards during games or competitions will significantly reduce the intensity of an accidental blow to the head.

Additionally, youth who wear a PowerPlus mouth guard and find their performance naturally optimized may be less inclined to try to up their game using performance-enhancing drugs or supplements.

Want the best sports mouth guard on the market for your kid? Protect your child from G-force impact and keep game time fun with the PowerPlus sports mouth guard.