There is no other mouth guard on the market that offers the advantages of PowerPlus.

The PowerPlus mouth guard was designed by a dentist looking to improve the safety and performance of athletes. It has been scientifically tested against leading brands and proven to show dramatic advantages over the competition. The innovative patent pending design and significant benefits are dramatic enough to put it in a class all of it’s own.

Unique Features of PowerPlus

There are several things that set a PowerPlus mouthguard apart from other well-respected mouth guards available on the market:


  • The precision fit outer shell and interlocking channel mold to the shape of your unique jaw position
  • A beveled interior wall promotes clear speaking and unobstructed breathing
  • When required, a power wafer insert will compensate for any anatomical deficiencies to ensure the best fit


Most notably, the biggest difference between the PowerPlus mouth guard and other types of mouth guards is its boil and swallow fitting process. This technique positions the jaw in its physiologic rest position, which is different for every individual. Neither the upper jaw Gladiator mouth guard, with its self-made impression process, nor the boil-and-bite lower jaw ArmourBite® Mouthpiece or Shock Dr. mouthguard help athletes attain the PowerPlus positioning. It is this unique feature that makes PowerPlus mouth guards a custom fit unlike any other protective mouth device available.

Benefits of Choosing PowerPlus

A study of mouth guards conducted using sound scientific research methodology evaluated isokinetic tests using four criteria: Peak Torque/Body Weight (PT/BW), Max Repetition Work (MRW), Total Work (TW), and Average Power (AP).

Results show that PowerPlus mouth guards and the one-of-a-kind PowerPlus position of the jaw:


  • Reduce G-force impact to the jaw and head, which is an important step in preventing concussion and dental injuries
  • Increases strength due to the PowerPlus jaw position
  • Increases response time and balance


The study concluded that a dental appliance that is designed for optimal maxilla-mandibular spacing can improve strength. Specifically the PowerPlus mouth guard with its patented jaw positioning provided statistically significant increases in three of the four criteria for elbow flexion:


  • Peak Torque/Body Weight (PT/BW) – 10.5%
  • Total Work (TW) – 9.8%
  • Average Power (AP) – 11.2%


For knee flexion, PowerPlus increased total work (TW) by 16.8% and 16.0% in comparison to the relaxed and clenched conditions.

Additionally, the researchers concluded that using a common mouth guard did not offer the same benefits.

For athletes and coaches who want a mouth guard that offers benefits and optimizes performance, choose a PowerPlus mouth guard for the most protection and best performance results.