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Our Story

After many years as a proud father watching his children grow and develop in sports, Founder and Neuromuscular Dentist Michael Hutchison was repeatedly concerned with the injuries he witnessed.

Many could have been avoided or minimalized with anatomical jaw protection. Even with those who wore standard mouthguards, concussions still seemed to be occurring at an alarming rate.

PowerPlus was formed not only to create a new and unique style of custom mouthguards, but go a step further. We have successfully ensured the risk of concussion was less than any other mouthguard out there whilst also significantly enhancing the performance of the athletes.

Our Customer Reviews

“I have worn the PowerPlus Mouthguard for over four years in the NFL now without a concussion. I can breath and talk normally and I can feel the strength it gives me. It’s the best mouth guard out there!”

Daniel Sorenson

“After participating in the direct trials of our own players using the PowerPlus we want this mouth guard in all of our players.”

Michael Chang

We had our player fitted with the PowerPlus concept and had our best season in years. We made the Michigan High school playoffs for the first time in 20 years. I’ve never seen a mouth guard as comfortable for the kids and they love them

Kelly Clark
Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program is all about helping us build relationships with more athletes. It's free to sign up and you can receive commissions for each mouthguard that you help sell.


> Over 6,500 athletes have benefitted from wearing the PowerPlus Mouthguard.

> The amount of diagnosed concussions is JUST 0.2%.

> Athletic performance is proven to be enhanced by up to a staggering 16.8%!

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