How It Works

We think the PowerPlus Mouthguard is the best mouth guard available! The PowerPlus system allows you to measure the degree of anatomical deficiency in your unique jaw position and will correct any deficiency with the patented combination design.

The PowerPlus Mouthguard is a DIY kit to maintain your exact and strong lower jaw alignment during sports. Everyone has a unique anatomy. The PowerPlus Mouthguard is designed around the athlete's bite.

After the PowerPlus Mouthguard is installed correctly, your jaw joint will be in the optimum “PowerPlus” position, providing maximum strength, endurance, performance and protection.

Check out the video to see precise instructions.

Here is how:

1️⃣ Measure your bite position to determine if additional material is needed.
2️⃣ Warm in hot water.
3️⃣ Place in mouth on LOWER teeth.
4️⃣ Form a “kiss” and swallow 5 times